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I am a Canadian from the Maritimes, staying for the fall in Waco, Texas, with my fiance, while I apply to grad school at Baylor University. Here you will find an account of my stay in a strange new land.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Football Prayer


Sorry I haven't written in so long. I am madly preparing for the GRE right now ( the Graduate Record Exam, which is an entry requirement for Grad School in the US), since I write a week from Friday. So don't expect to hear from me again before then!

Just wanted to drop a quick note about my first experience of Homecoming Weekend. It was a couple of weekends ago now, but the memories are still vivid. Homecoming, for those who, like me, have never before encountered one, is a weekend event where a school's alumni return to reconnect with their roots, and there is a big football game. And Baylor is NUTS for it! There was a parade, the campus was teeming all weekend long, and I think everyone but us in the city of Waco went to the game. It was Baylor against Kansas state, and we edged them out, in case you are interested.

For me, the weekend's highlight was the decorations: all of the residences had big dioramas set up out front on the subject of who was going to win the football game (us, of course). My favourite was a Wizard-of-Oz themed building complete with yellow chalk sidewalk, lollipop lane, and the feet of a Red Rooster (Kansas State's mascot) protruding from under the building. The day after the game, I saw a papier mache rooster swinging from a noose outside a frat house just off campus. Who knew frat boys could be so dedicated as to construct something so fine out of papier mache?

In Church that Sunday, we gave thanks for the football win. Last weekend, though, the football team was defeated by Texas A&M, so I guess God actually prefers A&M to Baylor.


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God's a nut.

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